The Truth About Binary Options Software

A Review of Ultimate 4 Trading


Below we are going to take a look at the Ultimate 4 Trading software application, designed to give intelligent trading signals to binary options traders. We look at what it is, and how it works.

What is Ultimate 4 Trading?

Ultimate 4 Trading is a binary options trading tool, that was reportedly originally developed by a group of four students. They knew they didn’t have a major amount of experience in binary options trading, but what they did have was a massive amount of experience in develop computer algorithms. So they decided to start work on Ultimate 4 Trading, and developing advanced trading algorithms.

What this has resulted in, is a tool that at first glance looks pretty good. But here is the kicker, looks can be deceiving. Ultimate 4 Trading is a binary options platform that seems to hide the fact it does not perform too well, behind some really impressive graphs and charts.

The trading algorithms themselves do not seem to perform as well as some other binary options trading signal platforms. Typically, Ultimate 4 Trading shows around a 75% accuracy, which is at least 10% down on other similar software platforms.

Is It Worth Using Ultimate 4 Trading?

The answer to this question is mostly no, with a little bit of yes. The overall 75% accuracy rate is not very good at all, not when there are other free signal platforms that manage 85% or more. But the graphs and charts are very well done, if that’s your thing.

In Conclusion

Ultimate 4 Trading was developed by four students, with a limited amount of knowledge in binary options trading, and this is very apparent when using the platform.

From a usability point of view, Ultimate 4 Trading is put together very well. It is easy to use, and the graphs and charts are well presented. But this is not enough. The measure of any automated signal software, is how accurate it is. And as mentioned above, Ultimate 4 Trading is one of the least accurate platforms of this type around.

So we say steer clear, there are some much better options to be had, entirely for free. So why limit your potential profit by following signals that are less likely to be accurate than those produced by another product?

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By: Vincent